Route 66

We drove Route 66 from St. Louis to Chicago after The SITS Girls conference in St. Charles, Missouri. I have posted before about my love of Route 66.  Before we left for this trip I asked a person at AAA for information on the infamous highway between those cities. He told me they didn’t have any because the road is mostly paved over. I’m here to tell you, folks, Route 66 is alive and well. We traveled most of the way on the actual Historic Route 66 highway and I enjoyed every minute. Here are some pics of what we saw.

Route 66 Route 66

These two were from the tiny windows in the the Arch in St. Louis when we took the ride up the Arch. And then we hit the road.

The only real problem we had was trying to find Chain of Rocks Bridge which was in St. Louis but could only be accessed from the Illinois side due to recurring vandalism to cars. We spent about two hours looking but never found it. I think we must return again one day.


Route 66

Route 66

Route 66

Don’t ask me why, but they were into “Giants” in the days of Route 66 glory. This is one of a few we saw. And another surfing giant here at this well visited place in Livingston, Illinois. We didn’t have time to go in, though I would have loved to. There were just too many sights to see and not enough time on this trip. This was mostly just a drive-by trip.


Route 66

Route 66 Check out the front of the elephant sticking out of the building. Route 66

I’m not sure the appeal for me with these silly sights but I have bunches more! Our next stop (and we did stop) was in Stauton, Illinois at Henry’s Rabbit Ranch & Route 66 Emporium.

Route 66

Route 66

We actually spent a little bit of time here at Henry’s. Okay, a lot of time. “Henry” had a lot of things to tell us about these parts having grown up there, getting his first job along Route 66, marrying a woman who was raised along Route 66. And while we were there a couple came in…regulars if you will, and we talked some more. And when I say talk, I mean listen. It seems the male counter part of this couple has started Ride for the Relay. This is an annual bike ride in September ( bike as in motorcycle) on Route 66, starting in Chicago, Navy Pier to be exact and ending in Santa Monica, for a cause; cancer research. To find out more information visit Ride for the Relay My husband and I were invited to tag alone, though we’re not bikers, so following in a car, which sounds like such a sissy thing to do. I would write, take pictures and post about this journey all along the way. I may just take them up on it!

Route 66

Route 66

I loved this Rabbit planting. Reminded me of Cadillac Ranch in Texas minus the graffiti.

Historic Route 66

Route 66

Stopped for gas…okay, not really.

Route 66

Then it was time to stop for lunch. We stopped at Artesian Café in Carlinville, Illinois, a classic place to eat and believed to be the oldest café on Historic Route 66. We had a burger and fries. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

And then we went across the street to a small museum for a quick view of some memorabilia from the day.

Route 66

This totally looks like the television we had when I was growing up, and I’m not even kidding! Well, sort of, anyway.

Route 66

I loved the drive-in theater when I was a kid!

Route 66

Things go better with a Coke™, right?

We continued to drive a little more and saw more sights similar to what I have shown you in this post before we stopped for the night at a Holiday Inn Express in Springfield where we would pick up the trek and journey into Chicago in the morning.


Tour of Our New House

Here is another tour of our new house and the quirky features you may find.

For Now We Are Home

Maybe I can turn this into a money making venture? Quarter a bath…bring your old people.

Blogging Tips – 6 Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog

Blogging Tips

This week I have another post by great blogger with some really good blogging tips - 6 Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog, By Carrie Elle. Carrie is one of my favorite bloggers. She writes on a variety of topics. She has an open and honest style of writing that I really appreciate. She also has some really great blogging tips for all you bloggers.

Blogging Tips

This is what she wrote: One of the areas with my blog that I’ve recently put a lot of love and energy into is creating community. As bloggers, we want our voices to be heard, and I know that for a long time, it felt like I was just posting content to a Bloggy Black Hole. That can be frustrating! Even as my traffic started to grow, I still found myself wondering…is there anybody out there?

You can read the rest of the article on Carrie Elle.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

I have a Beach Boys tune running through my head as I type this…Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older then we wouldn’t have to wait so long…but that’s not where I’m going with this post. It’s a life post, much like Tough Decisions, Breaking Up is Hard to Do and For Now We are Home.

Wouldn't it be Nice


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were never any plumbing problems to deal with, no loud, annoying noises made by cleaning out the pipes, especially right after you move into a new house?

Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with a complete manual explaining the proper etiquette on how to deal with every life situation?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Mean Girls was just a movie and not a real-life experience for a lot of young ladies?

Wouldn’t it be nice if no one ever got bullied or harassed?

Wouldn’t it be nice if break-ups were easy and no one ever got hurt?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat all the chocolate in the world and never gain weight or risk health issues?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our loved ones were never sick?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the flowers always bloomed?

Wouldn’t it be nice if aging wasn’t a part of life and all that the process entails?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was no such thing as addiction and suicide?

Wouldn’t it be nice if  war, world hunger or poverty didn’t exists?

Wouldn’t it be nice if no one was ever abused or harmed in any way?

And now I have another song running through my head; Imagine by John Lennon, You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

We live in a real world with real people who have real problems.

That’s just the way it is…for now, anyway.




Easter Cake

Tomorrow is Easter. We are having a family gathering at my parents’ house. We do this every year but there are a few differences this year: 1. The weather should be gorgeous and 2. I am taking an Easter Cake.

This Easter cake I speak of isn’t my traditional gig. I usually make a decadent ridiculous chocolate from scratch, but not this year. I saw something new as I was walking the aisles of the grocery store. A blue cake! So spring-ish. I’ll take it. And what’s that I see right beside it? It’s a can of whipped frosting. Why yes, I’ll take that too!

Easter Cake


Easter Cake

I’m generally not a layer cake kind of baker. I love to bake, don’t get me wrong. Cookies are more my thing, but when I do make a cake every now and then It is usually a sheet cake kind of creation. Not today. Big mistake.

Easter Cake 3

I will admit to being lured into a false security of cake okayness. Looked alright in the pan…not quite the color in the picture on the box, but a blue I can live with. I was even satisfied in how the layers turned out. It was when the icing procedure began that things went awry.

I was putting the frosting on the cake, not quite as liberally as I would have liked and it hit me that this can that touted 15% more was not going to be enough to cover the entire cake but I just wanted this project DONE! So I pulled out a tried and true recipe (which I was honestly trying to avoid, hey it’s the 21st century, right,  we’re all about convenience) that is probably older than dirt…Decorator’s Frosting. I whipped up a batch (no pun intended) not following the recipe to a T and hopefully it WON’T  taste like shortening. We’ll see.

Easter Cake


And there is the finished product. Never claimed to be a cake decorator.

Here is the recipe for the frosting.

Decorator’s Frosting

3/4 cup shortening

2 egg whites

1 tsp. vanilla

1 (16 oz) box confectioners sugar

In a large bowl cream shortening 5 minutes. Add egg whites; cream well. Add vanilla. By hand gradually stir in confectioners sugar.


Tough Decisions

I have a very dear friend who posted a very touching story about her ordeal with cancer and the effects she still has five years after treatment. You can read her story here Tough Decisions.

Tough Decisions

Here is her first paragraph:

When I began this post, I thought I would write about something light and cheerful, like the fun leading up to the Kentucky Derby, or the interesting restaurant where I ate last week. But this is a more serious post; one I thought may help others make decisions and make changes in their lives. (OK, those of you who like light posts may want to leave now. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh, my!) In this post I am baring my soul to you in hopes of helping someone else with decision making. I am getting better at it.

Please click over and read the entire post. You won’t regret it. Touch Decisions.




Gateway Arch

I really can’t tell you how many times I have driven through St. Louis, Missouri and saw the Gateway Arch, or how many times I have snapped a picture of the Gateway to the west. I passed by it several times as a child, I know. The Texas Tour with The Cook Family Singers comes to mind as one particular time, as does the time my mom made us gently led the whole family to see Dodge City in Kansas.

St Louis, Missouri Gateway Arch

In all of those times I have passed through I’ve never been to the Arch, never ventured up into the Arch. Scratch that off my bucket list, folks, the deed is done. I even touched it as we were leaving.

It seems like I am always just passing through St. Louis. This time, thanks to The SITS Girls and #BBCSTL I was there for a few days.

According to the pamphlet we were given upon purchasing our tickets, The Gateway Arch is the nation’s tallest monument, reaching 630 feet. This iconic, awe-inspiring arch has welcomed visitors for nearly 50 years.

I must say, I was a wee bit worried when they asked if I was claustrophobic. I mean I’m not and all but you never know when it might hit, like while you’re entombed in a car for five, traveling steadily to the top of the St Louis, Missouri Gateway Arch.

Here is a short video while waiting for the ride up:

It wasn’t a huge deal, as far as thrills go, and the view, while something to see, afforded only a few small windows with a crowd of people vying for their chance to take a peek. All in all, I am glad that I finally had the opportunity to visit this inspiring monument with historical such value and would encourage all to do so.

Have you ever been in the Arch? What did you think?

St. Charles Missouri

As I mention here: The SITS Girls #BBCSTL we just took a mini vacay last week. On the way to the conference we made a stop or two. The conference was in St. Charles, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, I assume. It was a nice place to visit. Someone suggested we stop at The Sugar Shack, the home of nostalgia candies. It was a quaint little shop with candy from yesteryear.

After leaving the candy store, it was past lunch time and we were feeling a bit faint (probably from the sugar rush after the candies we consumed) we decided to visit Lewis and Clark’s An American Restaurant & Public House. It was right on the river, just a block away, and I had a nice view from where I was sitting.

St Charles Mo
















The food was quite tasty, as is often the case when you are on an adventure and dining in an historic eatery.

St Charles Missouri



If the  weather had been a bit warmer and a little less breezy, I would have enjoyed a stroll down the bricked lane and a stroll along the rushing, muddy river. Maybe next time.

St Charles Missouri

 St. Charles, Missouri is a quaint little town that has loads of charm and appeal. I really want to visit again when it’s a little warmer, and explore a whole lot more.





Blogging Tips – A Comlete Waste of Make-up

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips!

I ran across this great blog: A Complete Waste of Make-up and wanted to share her great blog tips called 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog. Here is what she said:


Growing a blog can be tricky and maintaining that growth can be even harder. It’s so easy to give up and get discouraged but as someone who has been doing this nearly 5 years I am here to tell you DO NOT STOP. You are going to think  so many negative thoughts while you are trying to grow your blog especially if you are serious about it. I wanted to share 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog that ANYONE can do. You can read the rest on her blog : 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog. Enjoy!

Stuck in an Elevator

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? I have and it wasn’t even a little bit fun. I posted about it here: Stuck in an Elevator but I couldn’t resist doing a video, though the recording isn’t the best.

Stuck in an Elevator