I read a blog post this morning. I follow a lot of Mom Blogs. In fact, sometimes I feel as if I’m drowning in a sea of young mothers, a club which I am no longer a member. I’m neither a young mom or a mother to young children. But the timelessness of motherhood once again struck me as I read these words by Lisa Jo-Baker.

When You’re not sure if you want to be a mom today

To all the mothers, the wanna-be-moms, and the I’d-rather-climb-Kilimanjaro-than-become-a-mom-thank-you-very-much-women, Sometimes on a Monday morning I think about you and how you might not have grown up thinking you wanted to be a mom. You might have dodged clichés like barefoot and pregnant as wild as any schoolboy dodges bruises and humiliation in the helter skelter of dodge ball. You might have prayed desperate whispers on your way to grad school for a future and a hope where your degree defines you and not your uterus. And with a pocket weighed down by student loans who could question your determination not to waste what $350 a month buys a brain?

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And then I found myself moved with memories flooding my mind and my heart swelling with a love that only a parent knows…a mother. And I wrote the following words as a comment.

Beautiful words. I am in a different phase of mothering because my kids are grown, but my heart remains the same, and I still carry those kids on my hip, even though I don’t. But this mother’s heart continues to grow and make room for more, because before I know it, I will be loving a grandchild with a fierce love, and the mothering instincts, are even now continuing to grow, changing and allowing me to make room to “mother” my aging parents. The cycle of life. We are all on that path.

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  1. Well said! I follow a slew of young moms, too. And I love their energy and youthfulness. All of my children are gown and nine years ago (has it been that long?) I was promoted to grandmother status! And I’m loving every minute of it – especially when I’m out and about with the grands and I’m mistaken for their mom. I know that won’t last very long, so I’m enjoying it. Every season of motherhood has been an amazing journey and being Nana is the icing on a very rich cake!

    • Alli, thanks for the visit and for letting me know I’m not alone! Can’t wait to be a grandma! BTW, you don’t look anywhere near old enough to be a Nana!

  2. Hi! I found you from the Sits Girls introduction thread. :)

    My oldest is 12 and my twins are 8. That love you are talking about? It is the most amazing gift in the entire world. I admire the strength I see in your words about the cycle of life. Nice to meet you!

    • Hey, thanks for visiting! Twins! How sweet. Thank you for your kind words and nice to meet you too. :)

  3. Thanks for the follow and birthday wishes! Once again, Im another young mother. It is kind of nice to find someone who has been through it, someone with some wisdom! Thanks for being that!

  4. I just teared up reading this. It’s going by too fast. Mine are 5 and 2 yet I already identify with women with grown children. I feel like it’s right around the corner…

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