Do you have a bucket list? I do. I call it a 60×60 list. I was able to cross two things off that list recently; flying and going to California. Yay me!

Although I lost my camera in the airport right before I boarded my very first plane EVER, I was able to snap some shots on the flight home.

My first flight

Flying over San Diego

Good-bye San Diego!

I love flying

  Hello sunshine!

above the clouds

I was fascinated by being above the clouds and in the clouds, while looking down on civilization.

flying on southwest

Not a sight I see out my window everyday.

flying for the first time

flying in the west

I snapped quite a few pictures. I’ve never seen these sights before. Just call me a newbie.

Nearing Chicago

This reminds me of Christmas…I’m thinking Santa’s view from his sleigh.

And last but definitely not least is this:

Southwest Airlines

The flight attendant who was on the plane from San Diego to Chicago and from Chicago to Louisville gave me this upon learning this was my first flight. She was awesome!

Am I the only person who is 50 something and just flew for the first time?

 photo 8BC9E1E885C45E3780DF82D10230157B_zps4c8cfc92.png


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    That is so cool that you got a certificate! It was Des’ first flight last month but nothing for him! Well, he’s only one.
    One of my friends just went on a plane for the first time in his life but he was only 32 or so when he did it.

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    Very cool that they gave you a certificate! I have been on tons of flights; but I did once leave my DSLR on an airplane along with several lenses. The customer service people were completely unhelpful, telling me they throw away everything in the overhead bins. Yes, I am sure they threw away thousands in camera equipment. When I asked my pilot friend for advice, he said most likely it went right up on Ebay. So bummed. Any luck with getting yours back?

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